An animated short film created & directed by me, for my MFA program of Academy of Art University.
Taking the inspiration from early black & white cartoons, I aimed to resembling a similar visual with modern 3D execution.

  • Design, story, modeling, rigging, animation, texture & lighting, rendering & compositing by me
  • Extra rigging helps from abAuto Rig
  • Visual effects by Wayne Lai & Ho-Jung Hong
  • Background painted by Ting Chian Tey
  • Vending machine robot designed by Hoi Mun Tham
  • Music & sound effects by Shi-Kuang Lee
  • California Film Awards , Gold Awards
  • Los Angeles Movie Awards, Awards of Excellent
  • Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Best Animation
  • Nashville Film Festival, Official Selection
  • Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival, Official Selection
  • The British Animation Film Festival, Official Selection
  • Savannah International Animation Festival, Official Selection
Character Design - Oddie
Character Design - Pug
Concept Art & Storyboard
Story Reel