MINT by Breathometer, is the worlds first portable Breath Quality & Hydration level detection product.

The keys of this introduction video were to showcase how MINT works, with accurate yet appealing visual & motion designs. While creating the UI for the breath quality & hydration level, one of my main intention is to keep it in style with the other Breathometer's videos that I had worked on. The UI design in this video was also meant to inspire the development of the actual app.

My involvement:
  • Worked closely with producer, director, & compositor
  • Generated creative treatment, & pitched ideas as creative director
  • Designed styleframes, concept, visual guidance as art director
  • Created storyboard with accurate story structure, camera angles, movement, composition, pacing & flow
  • Animated final motion graphics
Styleframe Design 1
Styleframe Design 2
Final Visual & Motion Design
Early Visual Design Exploration