Jane Zhang
Bang The World

Password: benlam

A concert opening that I worked as art director & lead 3D artist, together with director Showy Lin, & Grass Jelly Studio. My main involvement were:
  • Lead a team of 6 artists to complete the opening, from design to all necessary 3D production, & post VFX production
  • Art directed, designed & supervised on the overall look of the sequence
  • Reviewed dailies for quality assuarance, ran notes & feedback between director, producers, & artists
  • Worked directly with directors, producer, & project manager
  • Communicated with the team through accurate visual guidance, proof of concept, styeframes, moodboard, notes & references
  • Schedule management & labor distribution based on artists' strength & availability

Artist: Ida Chen, Janet Wang, Nigel Huang, Wilson Chao, Chia Hua Yu, Greg Miao